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New Runway Wins Rave Reviews, Parlin Field Newsletter

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News and Events at the Parlin Field Airport in Newport, New Hampshire

August 2011

Wow! This is my new favorite airport! That’s the reaction from one Vermont pilot who flew into Parlin Field with his family for dinner at the Lil’ Red Baron restaurant. Local and transient pilots alike praised the repairs and resurfacing of runway 18/36, which dramatically improved the utility and safety of the runway by eliminating cracks, debris, and uneven surfaces.

The recently completed project concludes more than a year’s worth of effort by the Airport Advisory Board and local officials. Work began in early 2010 with a complete technical inventory of the existing runway, which revealed that 46% of the runway was in poor condition. After evaluating all the facts and exploring available options, the Board recommended repairs and resurfacing of the north 2,850 feet of the runway. The Board also recommended deferring action on the south 600 feet of the runway due to the more extensive work required for that part of the runway.

The contractor, R&D Paving of Franklin, began work on Tuesday, July 12. One crew cleaned, torched, and filled cracks and placed geotextile fabric on all the major cracks. Another crew excavated sections of failed runway pavement, recompacted the subgrade, and replaced the base course prior to paving. A third crew expanded the north turn-around to better accommodate low-wing aircraft.

On Wednesday, the paving crew placed the shim course on the runway. The shim leveled the existing irregular surface and providing a suitable course for the final overlay, which was paved on Thursday.

Two weeks later, Advisory Board members John Merriman and Rick Kloeppel, and airport manager
Russ Kelsea along with several other volunteers, laid out the runway markings according to FAA standards. The Town Highway crew painted the markings. Layout and paint is surprisingly expensive, and performing the work locally generated substantial savings in the overall project.

Funding for the project came from several sources, including airport tenants who paid ground leases in advance, airport capital reserve funds, and airport funds encumbered for this purpose. The project has no net effect on Newport taxpayers, but is expected to generate economic benefits to Newport and surrounding communities due to increased visitor traffic.

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